11 Most Dangerous (Deadliest) Animals in Washington State – Danger Lurking in the Evergreen State

Venturing into the wild? Knowing what lurks in the wilderness is not just fascinating; it’s essential. Buckle up for a thrilling ride as we take a deep dive into the dangerous world of Washington State’s wildlife. When you think of Washington State, you might picture the bustling streets of Seattle, the towering peaks of Mount … Read more

Ballardite Speaks out After ‘Hugh Mungus’ Viral Controversy

Ballard - ‘Hugh Mungus’ viral controversy

Ballard resident, Rudy Pantoja Jr. a.k.a. “Hugh Mungus” never dreamed he’d be accused of sexual harassment at Seattle City Council meeting for what he believed to be a playful redirection, and now after a video of the incident has gone viral, Pantoja is speaking out. The Seattle City Council meeting was held in August to … Read more